Saturday, July 3, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Crushes!!!!!

Gr8!! I duno wat made me write on dis!!Bt den.Have been havin crushes on lotta ppl off late!!Infact havin crush on 3 ppl as of now(Simultaneously..Lolz!!) Two being ma closest pals and one being a mystery!! Probably, by da time I complete writin dis another crap outta my mind, I wud be able to answer myself why I have crush on lotta dem.!!I duno wat makes ppl have crush on other gender!! Or wat is that attracts one person towards the other(Applicable for gays as wel) Is it just a nice feelin dat one gets into his/her heart for someone? Or is it an indication of fallin in love? Its been a mix of both for me. Bt the latter never happend til date. I neva fell in love wid da person I had crush upon. I neva had the guts to say it upfront dat I've feelings. I'm in love now. Bt den, she was never my crush. And, why do ppl get these nice feelings for oders whn dey are already into a relationship? Strange, bt all des questions are stil unanswered.!! Is it juz a part of Human psychology or is it somethin to do wid da age factor.( Latter cannot be true in my case. I have been havin crushes since ma 7th grade ;)
Ma 1st crush was in 7th grade.Havent told her abt it til date where in she happend to be with me for years together til I moved to high school and later happend to be ma colleague and later on became ma good friend! My 2nd crush was in my high school. Oh god!She was so pretty. We alwys met during our second language classes which happend to be Hindi then. The best thng I liked abt her was to pretend as if you are listening to class bt actually u r dozing off. I tried making her my good fren. Bt my bad luck, my frenship band on frenship day came back to as a rakhi saying HELLO. U R MA BEST BRO TIL DATE. I was quite upset. bt der was one person who was on cloud 9 bcz of dis. I was my best pal who had crush on da same gal bt neva had guts to take a step ahead to talk to her. It was da best he cud do. Atleast he dint hammer his own leg as I did :(. Uff.. I dunno hw bad I felt.. :) Crush season came to an end for sometime.. I had joined my graduation..!! Lotta gud looking beauties in my college.!! Bt I was heart stuck on one classmate on mine! Though she wasnt that pretty like other gals of my college, der was something that caught my attention. Her simplicity, her patience, her laziness caught my attention. I thought that I am gonna fall for her.! bt ended up being her best pal. Though I nevr regretted for being her best pal. bt my questioning started. Why am I not falling in love with the gal on whom I have crush?? 3 years passed by with this friend of mine. I had to move to Bangalore to join accenture. My crush season started again. I had a crush on a gal on my way to an outdoor training. Who knws what her name was. I just loved the way she looked at me while getting down from the bus. A big stare at me and a loud scream, "R u mad? Can't you just see that you are standing on my leg?" Since then, I wished she could be in my team for night trekking, for my other management games. But, again. My fate!! She was alwys into my opponent team. I tried occupying the tent next to hers. But  my stupid friends(colleagues over here) took me to a tent which was far from hers. I cudnt even dance with her!! Pathetic life it was!!! This crush of mine lasted for about a week. Then comes the Bomb into my life. This gal from Ludhiana. Again, old god knows what her name was(Mind you. I didn't have the guts to ask what her name was)  This was the longest crush I ever had - 6 months. But stil, 6 months weren't enuf for me to talk to her and ask her for her sweet name.! Left bangalore!! Fell into pit. I mean, I set my foot on the streets of Chennai for my Post graduation. I was just wondering if I wud get someone to fall for or would there be someone whom I can have crush on. Two years passed on like hell. No crush! Nothing! But, by this time. I know that I am in love with a gal who isn't my crush at all. I assumed thats it from Chennai. But!!! I didn't know that crush season hasn't got over. I started talking to people from Chandigarh(now dtz where my girl friend resides) and the people I am mentioning here are my gal friend's friends who happend to be my friends nw. I jus cant mention thngs abt them over here bcz they are gng to read this as wel..Lolz!!!! these were the two frnz i was mentioning in the beginning.. My latest crush!!Hmm.. this is wht made me write dis probably. Hmm. I met her for d first time in my work place where I was interning. I duno wht ws so funny with my face. Dis gal alwys stared at me. I'm stil tryin to find an answer for dt stare. Story goes like this. She stared. I stared. Both stared n nothng happend there aftr for a while. I got so bugged tht I thgt of givng an end to this staring business n juz smiled at her.!! She hid her face.! Was this her shyness or did she try teln me "DO NOT SHOW ME UR STUPID SMILE PLS." Quite confusing. I have been wondering and I m stil wondering. If at all she isnt interested, why the heck she has to look at everytime or even try searching for at places possible??? Phuh.. Mysterious story. First encounter! My first chance to talk to her! It was a day when she had been to our training room! My bad luck! I was on call talking to my girl friend. Couldn't jst give this new chick the attention at al! Later whatever followed was jus an answer for my attiture I showed her! Lolz!!! Its stil a mystery for me!! m too anxious to take a step forward with this!! Am I having some sort of feelings for her? bcz outta 3 crushes, this is one crush dts making me go mad!! Lolz!! I love bein in such a confused state.!! But den frenz.... To be frank, Wht i feel abt crushes has been beautifully shwn in this video. Pls have a look at it!! Enjoy!!
Oh!! Crushes really put u in this situation!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

High time wake up call!!!!!

I’ve been wonderin why i’ve been gettin late everywhere everyday.. Hve been cribbin abt d traffic or d transportation or d damn work i ws indulged in til late nights.!! bt y dint i realise that it is my own irresponsibility dtz causin dis.!!! Instead of cribbin on thngs which cudnt be changed in a fraction of second, one shud find d solution internally. Personally speakin, I have been late to my class, office n even to meet my friends.!! I alwys give some reason tht this happened, dt happend.. i never realised tht all these reasons have happend bcz i ws preparing myself for it. Fr instance, once i ws rushin to meet my frnz at a party n i turned up almost an hour late. I gave the reason tht traffic ws heavy n stuff. bt i dint tel tht instead of gettin myself dressed for the party i ws dozin off!! l wud have made it on time if i left my sweet bed on time.!! Bt instead i kept dreaming!! :)
Lazyness has come to humans with birth!! Bt bein lazy isnt gna work at al!! Its jz gna delay d pendin work.!!
Hm.. I m jus writin this post, hopin tht one day i wud get outta my lazines n reach my commitments on time.!! bcz nrmly ppl dnt tend to listen to others. listenin to self is d best option n best advise!! n i’m among them. so whnvr i read this post i wud push myself to be on time!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who is better? Humans or animals?????? Can humans become humans again?!!!?!?!?!??!?!??!?

Well, I'd heard this story about Christian(LION) who was brought up by a couple. And, how it recognized them even aftr long gap. It juz went outta my mind completely. Last night, my friend had asked me if i've ever heard of this story. I was kinda confused bcz of my poor memory. But, when I saw this video, I realised tht I have seen it. We were actually discussing on who is better. Humans or animals?? Hm... Bein a victim of ruthless humanity, I agreed that animals r better than humans in most of the aspects,..Hm.. i said humans r betr than animals only to an extent of 10%... I was surprised when my friend kicked my statement and said animals are betr than humans to an extent of 100%...!! Animals kill others for survival. Human are equally brutal. They kill animals for food, clothing and for various other purpose. 
Why have people turned into non-vegetarians??? Its jus bcz of question of survival..Depletion of agriculture have slowly pushed humans to consume animals. Its jus nt the matter of survival today. Its more than that. Ppl started disowning their parents who owned them thru'out  their life. In the name of career, they literally break their heart. bt, this video is showing how loyal animals can be. Animals are meant to be brutal. They have that in their blood. But humans are not. Humans are meant for kindness and harmony. Animals have not lost their identity. But, humans have.!!! I really do not have to elaborate on this, i am sure many of you would agree with me.!!
But, da question to be asked over here is,why r da humans changing drastically? Wht has made them to turn around so brutal?? While discussing on this issue wit my friend, one reason which seemed to be obvious to both of us was over growing POPULATION!! This has resulted in Ego, Hatred, Killing, etc etc... One would argue how is growing population a reason. Well, bcz of growin population, dr is a gap between availability of jobs and availability of job seekers. This inturn has made people to exploit resources and hunt for new opportunities to survive and work. N when a person gets work, he enjoys, he spends, he does everythn which seems to be a pleasure. Then starts his relationship with his fellow humanbeings. This inturn results in reproduction of human race i.e increase in population again. Again, there is a shortage of jobs!! This cycle has been continuing. And the biggest supporter to this has been inbalance of life. Improvement in medical stream has drastically reduced the death rate. Bt, where is the system to control birth rate.!! We both felt that, this is the main reason that humans have started behavin like beasts. Infact, behaving more brutal than animals at present. 

Well, since this was the only root cause we had seen behind brutal behaviour of human, we feel tht people shud start thinkin abt it. Agriculture produce has been depleting. Global warming has changed the climatic conditions which in turn is  affecting the agriculture system on a whole. bt where is depletion in human reproduction??? Animals are also getting extinct.Aftr animals get outta this world, what would be left for humans?? 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do I make sense in Blogging!!!!

I've a question to ask myself!!! Am I making any sense to the readers by writin al the crap I feel or I experience?? Well.. May not be always.!! I might not be using apt words or right words evn for that matter~~!!! But who cares!! Blog r meant for expressing and sharing our feelings.!! So I am dng that over here in this forum!! Haahaa.. I love it!!!!

When best thing goes wrong!!!! Everything seems to be wrong!!

I really duno wht made me decide 2 write on this. Wel.. Maybe bcz i’ve gone thru this. Or maybe I am goin thru this. Wel. Now, u wud have understood my situation!!! ;) its a big ? in itself ;)
This seems to be quite confusing when something which has to be right goes wrong. Xactly!!! This is somethng one should alwys try avoiding!! Getting attached 2 someone or something really seems 2 be a great feeling. bt whn dat attachment seems 2 go on the wrong side of d coin, everythin else seems 2 go wrong as wel. Ryt things become wrong, Ryt people seems 2 go wrong.!! Shabbiness comes into our life and this becomes our only companion.!! SOB SOB SOB!!! !!! !!! This is one activity we wud be happily doin!! Crying happily!! Cameo really seems 2 work on~!! One gud touch of love goes un-noticed. Real affection goes un-noticed. Anger comes into play at wrong places. V start getting disgusted at cute things happening 2 our lives and lives around us. Nothin seems 2 go right at al.!! v even start thinkin dat our right head is also wrong...Lolz!! In my case, evry best thing I expected went wrong alwys. n I did nothin bt SOB SOB SOB!! So I feel dat i'm wrong inspite of bein ryt..Lolz!!! Ha Ha.. I seemed to be joking here guys!!!
But, all these SOB SOB if its for no reason, i wud consider dat the person is stil in search of someone who cud wipe of his tears!! bt if thr is somethin thts makin him cry, den he shud start lookin for a nut or atleast a peanut to work on.Believe me, idleness makes u think only abt failures bt even a smal work can work u towards wonders. Jus imagine u tryin to pick a peanut using a straw! Wud u worry abt ur failures or u wud u put ur concentration to pick the peanut usin dat straw!! never tried this stupid game? Try it once!! U wud forget ur Shabby things atleast for sometime.!! Whn a smal peanut can work on it, den one can really get rid of this feeln very easily.
 Life is defintely short, but life is not smal!!! simple funda of life shud be, if best thng doesnt work, den make the thng tht works as ur best!! thngs cant change. Bt humans can!!! Obviously, with 6 senses(6th one can either be common sense or my case, its purely nonsense) v can realy change the life v see. Infact, v shd see wht v want to see n nt wht others make us see! A love gone bust makes him a majnu or romeo!! Bt, if he had changed his laila or juliet, he wud have never suffered in his life!! n same works for laila n juliet  as wel.
Wel,i took love as an example here, bcz this is somethin tht i went thru. I decided to change my Paro instead of becoming Devdas n gng towards chandramukhi..Lolz!!!!

Ha Ha. I got the answer why I chose to write on this!! Reason being, Love!!!

LOVE DOESNT END WITH ONE PERSON OR ONE SMALL THING. LOVE IS EVERYWHERE IN THIS WORLD!!!! So I guess, I gotta hunt for love elsewhere..where I am accepted whole heartedly!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gol gappe!!!!! Hmm..!!!!

One thng I alwys cherish about bangalore life is Gol Gappe!!! It is popular in south india as Pani Poori! I wud definitely miss bangalore's UP wale chotu ka Gol Gappe.!! Returning from office aftr a tight work schedule and instead of having dinner, I wud juz end up landing over the chat corner which was next to my room.!! Being a lazy prat, I alwys felt a big pain going all the way to a restaurant and dining. Instead, I preferred having gol gappe!! Haahaa. My famous dialogue to my UP wale chotu used to be BHAIYA ZARA TEEKHA AUR KHATA BANANA(make it more spicy)!! n this wud go one for more than 2 rounds.!!! Definitely, this has made my frenz literally shed tears bcz of its hot n spicy flavours!! Hmm.. I miss all these nw here in chennai. I would love to find a place where i can get that teekha n khata wala chat!!